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4 Oct 2019 | 08:30 - 10:30 | R04 - WING 3

The Bioeconomy and Non-Wood Forest Products

The bioeconomy is made up of those parts of the economy that use renewable terrestrial and aquatic biological resources, such as forests, fish, and wildlife, to produce food, building materials, energy, medicine, and other essential items. While nonwood forest products (NWFPs) are essential items in the bioeconomy, there are many gaps in our knowledge: what is the role of NWFPs in promoting larger-scale economic growth including through value addition? Can NWFPs support a transition to green growth? Are NWFP institutions and knowledge integrated into such transitions? To what degree do NWFPs promote sustainable resource use, generate employment, and contribute to poverty alleviation? Should bioeconomic interventions and policies focus on or avoid NWFPs? This collaborative session invites presentations that explore these questions, preferably through empirically-based data.

Chair: Dr Jim Chamberlain, Prof Carsten Smith-Hall

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