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Forests, agroforestry and rice cultivation equally represented in the landscape
Complex, shade-grown coffee agroforestry systems
Small holdings (<2 ha) represent 58% of the holdings and 22% of the coffee area
Complex tenure system with over 39 land rights
Human density 135 hab/km², tribal population 8.41%
Female literacy rate: 72.26%
Area of interest: Biligirirangana Temple (BRT) Hills
Land sparing scenario: 52% of the area under protected area (including Tiger Reserves)
Soliga tribal settlements claiming rights over forest land and forest resources
Density 200 hab/km², tribal population 11%
Female literacy rate: 42.48%
Highest human density: 380 hab/km²
Tribal population: 17.43%
Female literacy rate: 80.72%
Landscape mosaic with cash crop-based agroforestry systems: pepper, cardamom, coffee and tea
High proportion of teak plantations in state-controlled forests
Population density: 300 hab/km²
Tribal communities, including Toda, Badaga, Kota, Irular and Kurumbas comprise 3.72% of the population
Female literacy rate: 71.64%
Range of mountains with at least 24 peaks above 2,000 meters
Tea-dominated landscape, and diverse horticultural systems

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