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Coordinator: Pablo Pacheco (CIFOR)

Brazil: Frederico Brandão (CIFOR), links with CIRAD and Embrapa Eastern Amazon

Cameroon: Patrice Levang (the French Research Institute for Development [IRD]/CIFOR), Laurene Feintrenie (CIRAD), Raymond Nkongho (University of Montpellier), links with World Wildlife Foundation (WWF), Ministry of Agriculture and the Cameroon Union of Palm Oil Exploiters (UNEXPALM)

Colombia: Alejandra Rueda (NES Naturaleza), Andres Etter (Pontificia Universidad Javeriana), links with the WWF

Indonesia: Krystof Obidzinski (CIFOR), Idsert Jelsma (Utrecht University) and Bayuni Shantiko (CIFOR), links with Bogor Agricultural University (IPB) and the WWF

Malaysia: Faisal Noor (independent), links with Sabah Land Development Board (SLDB)

Nigeria: George Schoneveld (CIFOR)

Peru: Ayme Muzo (independent), Jason Donovan (ICRAF) and Valentina Robiglio (ICRAF), links with University of Ucayali

Others: Lesley Potter (the Australian National University [ANU]) and Santi Chintia (CIFOR)

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