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1. Batang Lupar
Natural forest, logged-over forest, various secondary forest, sacred forest sites
Swidden agriculture and rubber gardens, Tengkawang forest
Dayak people, mostly Iban Dayaks
Settlements near rivers, sometimes access by roads (ex-logging roads)
Mostly longhouses (juxtaposed private living quarters bilik, each bilik occupied by more than one household)
Most bilik have one or several family members working in Malaysia or in the city of Lanjak
No electricity in the hamlets
Health facilities, education facilities and markets are located in Lanjak, about one hour by motorbike or car
Most villagers speak Iban; only a few speak Indonesian
2. Mentebah
Natural forest, logged-over forest, various secondary forests
Swidden agriculture and rubber gardens, gold mining on some riverbanks
Mostly Suruk Dayaks
Most settlements are near rivers, some near roads. Better road conditions compared with Batang Lupar, including proximity to the main Sintang–Putussibau asphalt road
Mostly individual houses
Electricity, elementary school and village midwife in Tanjung Intan village
Most villagers speak Indonesian
3. Batang Merangin
Major land cover type is young rubber agroforest; few smallholder oil palm gardens and paddy fields; some remnants of natural forest
Customary forest within the site
Mostly private land, smallholder farms
Terrain mostly undulaong
There are 10 villages within the site with several others within a 10-km buffer area, mostly local villages
Accessibility moderately good, several main asphalted roads, with some accessible only by foot
4. Sarolangun
Major land cover types and land uses are smallholder rubber gardens, young oil palm and smallholder forest plantations (HTR)
Parts of the land is privately- owned and some parts are owned by plantation concessions
Terrain mostly flat
There are approximately 10 villages found within the site, the majority are transmigration settlements with few local villages
Some inaccessible roads during the rainy season

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