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FTA’s work on value chains and investments embraces ambitious targets based on the assumption that much of the desired change needed to achieve them will be driven by new knowledge, as well as improved alignment between public and private actors’ views and interests.

However, FTA does not ignore the existence of strong, entrenched interests and incentives supporting non-inclusive and unsustainable business practices in commodity chains that have to be reversed. FTA expects to achieve its outcomes through three mutually reinforcing pathways.

Informing political decisionmakers and policy dialogues on improved policy options.
FTA engages governments and intergovernmental platforms to enable more informed policy decision-making processes. At the national level, FTA supports decision-making processes that build on well-established relationships with key government actors in the countries where the program works.

Engaging multistakeholder processes to improve implementation of standards.
FTA has actively contributed to global certification standards, mainly on timber and palm oil, and supports more integrated sustainability frameworks and standards. At the national level, FTA engages with multistakeholder initiatives on oil palm, cocoa and beef. FTA’s analysis on the governance approaches and instruments for enhancing sustainable supply chains and inclusive business models informs the actions of businesses and business platforms, and national and international non-governmental organizations (NGOs).

Supporting private sector initiatives and commitments to sustainability.
FTA contributes to private actors’ sustainability efforts by monitoring and evaluating progress and by informing practices that enable these actors to deliver on their commitments. In addition, FTA discusses progress, challenges and opportunities through global platforms, such as the Global Landscapes Forum. FTA also engages with global financial initiatives for responsible finance, as well as finance platforms for enhancing practices in the countries where the program works.

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