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What is MELIA?
FTA’s innovative and integrated system to ensure quality of research is known as MELIA, which stands for monitoring, evaluation, learning and impact assessment. It aims to:
Encourage and build an “impact culture” within FTA;
Ensure that FTA’s work is relevant and useful;
Guide ongoing research to maximize effectiveness;
Provide a framework to learn from experience;
Provide evidence that FTA’s work is effective in contributing to the expected development outcomes; and
Contribute to methodology development for evaluating research for development.

The system supports FTA’s program-level prioritization and work planning as well as the program’s research, engagement and capacity development work throughout the whole research cycle, from project level to program level.

The MELIA team includes monitoring, evaluation and learning specialists based in each of the three CGIAR partner centers, specialists from other partner organizations, and a growing network of external collaborators.

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