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FTA scientists contributed to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) 2014 report on the State of the World’s Forest Genetic Resources and associated Global Plan of Action for Conservation, Sustainable Use and Development of Forest Genetic Resources via four thematic studies, including a book on Genetic Considerations in Ecosystem Restoration Using Native Tree Species.

The reports and a series of worldwide workshops that FTA scientists attended as expert advisors led to a call at the Convention on Biological Diversity’s 2014 COP for “due attention to both native species and genetic diversity in conservation and restoration activities”. The thematic studies were also published as a journal special issue, Global Forest Genetic Resources: Taking Stock. FTA scientists also played a key role via regional networks in helping countries translate the Global Plan of Action into implementation plans for Asia and the Pacific (APFORGEN) and in Sub-Saharan Africa (SAFORGEN), with specific follow-up actions agreed by the involved countries.

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