Women’s participation in REDD+ national decision-making in Vietnam

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Numerous conceptual and empirical studies have been undertaken on the participation of women in decision-making bodies related to forestry. However, very little of this knowledge and experience has been applied to REDD+ decision-making at the national level. This study uses Vietnam as a case study to analyse factors that influence women's participation in national level REDD+ decision-making processes. Although large numbers of women participate in REDD+ meetings, and women at the national level are less affected by discriminatory cultural and social norms, considerable obstacles remain to the full participation of women. The recruitment protocol of Vietnam's forestry sector is not favourable to women, they are rarely appointed to leadership positions and their participation in REDD+ working groups is often nominal. In addition to weak capacity to implement gender strategies, a lack of concern for gender issues prevails among national organizations working on REDD+ in Vietnam.
Authors: Pham, T.T.; Mai, Y.H.; Moeliono, M.; Brockhaus, M.
Subjects: women's participation, decision making, gender, forestry, case studies, deforestation, emissions, environmental degradation, participation, project implementation, projects, women
Publication type: ISI, Journal Article, Publication
Year: 2016
ISSN: 1465-5489

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