The Tropical managed Forests Observatory: a research network addressing the future of tropical logged forests

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Authors: Sist, P.; Rutishauser, E.; Peña-Claros, M.; Shenkin, A.; Hérault, B.; Blanc, L.; Baraloto, C.; Baya, F.; Bénédet, F.; Da Silva, K.E.; Descroix, L.; Ferreira, J.; Gourlet-Fleury, S.; Carneiro Guedes, M.; Harun, I.; Jalonen, R.; Kanashiro, M.; Krisnawati, H.; Kshatriya, M.; Lincoln, P.; Mazzei, L.; Medjibé, V.; Nasi, R.; De Oliveira, M.V.; De Oliveira, L.; Picard, N.; Pietsch, S.; Pinard, M.A.; Priyadi, H.; Putz, F.E.; Rodney, K.; Rossi, V.; Roopsind, A.; Ruschel, A.R.; Shari, N.H.Z.; Rodrigues de Souza, C.; Susanty, F.H.; Sotta Eleneide, D.; Toledo, M.; Vidal, E.; West, T.; Wortel, V.; Yamada, T.
Subjects: tropical forests, climate change, biodiversity
Publication type: Paper
Year: 20152015

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