The role of school gardens as conservation networks for tree genetic resources

In addition to linking children closely to the nutritional benefits of a diverse diet, school gardens offer a huge opportunity to engage children in the wide context of plant identification, conservation and sustainable use of plant genetic resources for sustainable development. This chapter discusses the role that schools and children can play in documenting the diversity of socioeconomically important tree species around their school and community, the role that trees can plan in their diet, and the multiple co-benefits of trees for delivery of sustainable food systems. In particular, the chapter will highlight the critical role schools can plan in establishment in ex situ conservation of genetic resources through school arboreta, seed orchards, and school nurseries. Engaging children and youth through school gardens offers a unique educational opportunity to introduce restoration and plant diversity as a solution to multiple environmental and social challenges. We will present here case studies and a framework for building novel component to school curricula.
Authors: Grazioli, F.; Turdieva, M.; Kettle, C.J.
Subjects: trees, genetic resources, education, conservation
Publication type: Chapter-R, Publication
Year: 2020

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