The Migration-Environment Nexus: The Situation in Northwest Uganda

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The migration-environment nexus of greatest concern today involves the South Sudanese refugees, about 90% of whom now live in what was until their arrival a mosaic of grassland, woody savannah, open and closed woodland, and forest. They have cleared vast expanses of the land for homesteads and cultivation, and their very survival hinges on their ability to utilize trees for firewood, construction, fruit and other non-timber products. For water, they depend on boreholes and rivers, the sustainability of which also relies on healthy tree cover. The pressure on the environment is immense. Trees have vanished in many areas, with severe consequences for now and the future.
Authors: Duguma, L.; Watson, C.; Nzyoka, J.; Okia, C.; Fungo, B.
Subjects: migration, refugees, communities
Publication type: Book
Year: 20192019

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