The fig wasp followers and colonists of a widely introduced fig tree, Ficus microcarpa

Authors: Wang, R.; Aylwin, R.; Barwell, L.; Chen, X.Y.; Chen, Y.; Chou, L.S.; Cobb, J.; Chen, Y.; Collette, D.; Craine, L.; Giblin-Davis, R.M.; Ghana, S.; Harper, M.; Harrison, R.D.; McPherson, J.R.; Peng, Y.Q.; Pereira, R.; Reyes-Betancort, A.; Rodriguez, L.; Strange, E.; Noort, S.; Yang, H.W.; Yu, H.; Compton, S.G.
Subjects: plants, insects, figs, Vespidae
Publication type: ISI, Journal Article, Publication
Year: 2015
ISSN: 1752-4598

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