Synthesis Review of Bamboo Bioenergy Production in Africa

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The utilisation of bamboo as a bioenergy source in Africa is still underutilised despite covering 7.2 million hectares of land. Therefore, this working paper has two main goals; the first one is to provide technical background about the different technologies that can be used to generate bioenergy from bamboo and to present some relevant success stories around Africa and the world. The second goal is to recommend some interventions that can help mainstream bamboo bioenergy production in Africa. The effects that such interventions can have are also studied for the different INBAR African countries in terms of projection scenarios up to 2040.
Authors: Wafiq, A.; Hamed, A.; Elmaddah, E.; El-Sady, D.; Elawwad, A.; Abuelazayem, S.; Shafey, A.; Sayed, O.
Subjects: bamboo plants, bioenergy, energy production, literature reviews
Publication type: Paper, Publication
Year: 2022

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