Spatially explicit multi-threat assessment of food tree species in Burkina Faso: A fine-scale approach

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Authors: Gaisberger, H.; Kindt, R.; Loo, J.; Schmidt, M.; Bognounou, F.; Da, S.S.; Diallo, O.B.; Ganaba, S.; Gnoumou, A.; Lompo, D.; Lykke, A.M.; Mbayngone, E.; Nacoulma, B.M.I.; Ouedraogo, M.; Ouedraogo, O.; Parkouda, C.; Porembski, S.; Savadogo, P.; Thiombiano, A.; Zerbo, G.; Vinceti, B.
Subjects: forest management, forests, conservation
Publication type: Article
Source: PLoS ONE 12: e0184457
Year: 2017
ISSN: 1932-6203

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