Seed sources and forest species of the tropical dry forests of northern Peru: Current status and future priorities

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The objective of this document is to provide an analysis of the existing seed sources in the tropical dry forest of northern Peru (Tumbes-Piura dry forests and Marañon dry forests), in addition to providing preliminary information on the conservation status of tree species of interest and those used in reforestation experiences and restoration. The information was generated primarily to inform the planning and implementation of future activities within the framework of the ICRAF project "Agroforestry seed sources for restoration and genetic conservation (FuenteS)". Information was collected on existing seed sources using a structured questionnaire completed with information from primary and secondary sources. In the case of conservation status, a list of interest was determined based on official categorizations and consultation with key actors in each ecoregion. 45 seed sources of 16 species were located in the Tumbes-Piura dry forests, but none in the Marañon dry forests. The sources are owned mainly by peasant communities, and are mostly of Prosopis pallida (47%) and Bursera graveolens (11%). There were 27 potential seed sources in conservation areas In the Tumbes-Piura dry forests, 12 and 23 species were identified as threatened according to respectively official threat and local experts. In the Marañon dry forests, seven species were present in official categories and 21 were considered to be of potential interest.
Authors: Cerrón, J.; Atkinson, R.; Thomas, E.; Cornelius, J.P.
Subjects: tropical forests, ecological restoration
Publication type: Working Paper, Paper
Year: 20192019

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