Innovative finance for sustainable landscapes

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This publication explores some of the barriers that hinder external finance from making greater contributions to the sustainability of landscapes in the global south. It provides insights into the potential of blended finance, green bonds and crowdfunding structures to contribute to bridging that gap. The document is meant for investors that are new to land-based investments in the global south and are particularly interested in achieving social and environmental impacts. It is also written for development organizations with little experience in leveraging private finance for local development and conservation and for future practitioners in this field. The authors identified several gaps in knowledge and experiences, and it is hoped that through this document the readers will be motivated to fill in those gaps in the near future, contributing to scaling up finance for sustainable and inclusive landscapes.
Authors: Louman, B.; Meybeck, A.; Mulder, G.; Brady, M.; Fremy, L.; Savenije, H.; Gitz, V.; Trines, E.
Subjects: finance, landscape, investment, sustainable development
Publication type: FTA Working Paper, Publication
Year: 2020

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