Impact of forestland tenure changes on forest cover, stocking and tree species diversity in Amani nature reserve, Tanzania

The aim of the present study was to evaluate the impact of changes from private to state tenure on forest resources for three blocks in Amani Nature Reserve. The resource changes were determined in terms of forest cover, forest stocking and tree species diversity over a period of six to eight years. when considering the three blocks as one entity one may in general maintain that there have been positive changes regarding forest cover. There were differences between the blocks, however. the proportions of dense and semi-closed forest increased by around 14% in the former tea company block, remained unchanged in the former farmland and decreased by around 12% in the former sisal company block. the changes in stocking parameters and tree species diversity were mainly positive, but none were statistically significant. Although the results were somewhat ambiguous evidence of positive impacts as a result of the tenure changes was identified. This is in line with the main aim of establishing nature reserves focusing on conservation values. More research, however, is required regarding impacts of tenure changes on livelihood for those living adjacent to the nature reserve.
Authors: Mpanda, M.M.; Luoga, E.J.; Kajembe, G.C.; Eid, T.
Subjects: tenure, canopy, diversity
Publication type: Journal Article, Non-ISI, Publication
Year: 2011
ISSN: 1472-8028

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