Enhancing women’s resource rights for improving resilience to climate change

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This Brief summarizes relevant findings from socio-legal analyses, combining the review of key legal and policy documents and literature on existing barriers to the recognition of women’s land rights. The review analyzes existing tenure systems, identifies tenure interventions recognizing rights to women, as well as barriers constraining their ability to benefit from those rights. The analysis was conducted in four countries – including Ethiopia, Bangladesh, The Gambia and Uganda. These countries’ experiences illustrate the challenges that need to be addressed in order to secure women’s land rights and enhance women’s adaptive capacities – highlighting secure rights are instrumental points – not only for empowering women, but also to strengthen climate action and building resilience.
Authors: Monterroso, I.; Paez-Valencia, A.M.; Gallagher, E.; Chesterman, S.; Meinzen-Dick, R.; Enokenwa Baa, O.; Elias, M.
Subjects: gender, women's participation, sustainable development, climate change, community involvement
Publication type: Brief, Publication
Year: 2021

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