Editorial. Special issue: food, tree species and poverty alleviation

Local fruit and other food tree species have a considerable potential for: (1) solving the problem of “hidden hunger”, which is the deficiency of essential micro-nutrients and energy in the rural population’s diet, (2) providing additional revenue to the rural poor, many of whom are vulnerable because they do not own land and have no children to assist them, and (3) providing environmental services for the whole community. These often neglected plant species are not receiving sufficient attention from producers, development service, scientists, the private sector, decision makers and donors. Therefore, the workshop aimed at bringing together all actors in the sector to share their knowledge and identify gaps for future actions.
Authors: Bayala, J.; Lamien, N.; Butare, I.; Ouedraogo, S.J.; Eyog-Matig, O.
Subjects: foods, poverty
Publication type: Article
Source: New Forests 41: 277-279
Year: 20112011
ISSN: 0169-4286

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