A stepwise framework for developing REDD+ reference levels

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Developing forest reference (emission) levels for REDD+ is an urgent and challenging task, given the lack of quality data in many countries, genuine uncertainties about future rates of deforestation and forest degradation and potential incentives for biasing the estimates.
The availability and quality of data should determine the methods used to develop reference levels. Consideration of the drivers and activities causing deforestation and forest degradation will be important for adjusting reference levels to national circumstances.
A stepwise approach to developing reference levels can reflect different country circumstances and capacities and will facilitate broad participation, early startup and the motivation for improvements over time, alongside efforts to enhance measurement and monitoring capacities.
Authors: Herold, M.; Angelsen, A.; Verchot, L.V.; Wijaya, A.; Ainembabazi, J.H.
Publication type: Chapter, Refereed
Source: Angelsen, A., Brockhaus, M., Sunderlin, W.D. and Verchot, L. (eds). Analysing REDD+: Challenges and choices: 279-300)
Year: 20122012

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