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Panel discussion: Agroforestry helping to achieve the SDGs

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As part of ICRAF’s Science Week 2015, held in Bogor, Indonesia, a panel discussion explored the Sustainable Development Goals as the new language in which the agroforestry experience and story has to be retold.

Panel members are drawn from ICRAF’s development, policy and research partners in Indonesia and use the interactions in the Indonesian context to appreciate how such issues, themes, and actions may play out in any country or regional context, given their specificities.

Questions addressed include:

i) How do you see agroforestry as part of the sustainable development debate? Does the articulation of the interlinks between specific SDGs and agroforestry resonate with you, your organization and with the challenges and potential in Indonesia?

ii) From your perspective, what should ICRAF and the community of interests and practice in agroforestry focus on? What are some of the biggest ideas, issues and critical uncertainties that we should be working on?

iii) What advice would you have for the community of interest and practice on how to be more strategic and effective in getting these messages across?

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