Study examines bamboo value chains to support industry growth

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Despite a significant contribution to the economy, the bamboo industry in Indonesia remains underdeveloped. In terms of policy, bamboo is also often overlooked, with most attention focused on timber.
Indonesia is home to around 143 bamboo species and 2.1 million hectares of bamboo forest. For centuries, bamboo has been used for construction, housing, household items and handicrafts. It is a ‘no-fuss’ species that grows rapidly compared to timber, is highly adaptable to various types of soils, and is relatively easy to process. The industry provides livelihoods for hundreds of thousands of people.
In December 2015, the government initiated a 10-year program, Seribu Desa Bambu (One Thousand Bamboo Villages), to foster the industry by establishing bamboo forests and factories. Yet, according to the research, the results have been suboptimal.

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