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FTA Newsletter Issue #1 2017 – Focus on FTA research 2017

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Welcome to our first newsletter of 2017 and of the new phase of FTA research. We have asked our coordinators to tell us about their upcoming highlights to find out the latest about climate research, tree genetic resources, landscapes, smallholder livelihoods and value chains. In my first blog as FTA Director, I’ll be giving you my take on what the new phase and this year hold in store for our program. Besides that, we’ve asked our new partners Tropenbos International and INBAR to bring in their ideas for 2017. We will also look back at some of last year’s events such as the Global Landscapes Forum, the CBD COP13 and the first conference of the African Ecosystems Partnership.

FTA phase 2: Research for SDGs, climate and food security

In 2017, for the first time, the UN Committee on World Food Security will discuss the roles of forests and nutrition, and FTA is contributing to the scientific report that will underpin these discussions. But this isn’t the only reason why FTA Director Vincent Gitz is excited about new opportunities to make research on forests, trees and agroforestry relevant. Read his blog here.

Forests and climate change 2017

With the new phase of FTA, the scientists who focus on climate change have big plans in four key areas. Find out more from this blog.

Building on past success for better quality science

The gender specialists within FTA want to continue their successful work this year. One focus is on action research, using innovative methodologies. Improving awareness of gender issues and the capacities to address them, remains key. Read more here.

Meet FTA’s new partners: Tropenbos International and INBAR

Two new partners have come on board for the second phase of FTA, with a stronger focus on getting research findings to the people for whom they matter. Tropenpos International and INBAR shared their plans and thoughts on what this means for the program and for themselves.

Livelihoods research 2017: Better be bold

To tackle the challenges of overcoming poverty and hunger without trashing our planet, you’d better be bold. This is what the livelihood systems Flagship of FTA will be trying in the new phase starting this year. What this means exactly? You’ll see here.

Strengthening the impact of FTA research

In Phase II, FTA is developing its monitoring team MELIA as a core research and support unit with team members from each of the participating centers—the perfect opportunity to help improve research quality and research effectiveness within FTA, the CG, and beyond. Read the blog here.

Bringing value into global value chains: Sustainability, smallholders and finance

In 2017, Flagship 3 will continue its work to improve the sustainability of value chains and include smallholders. A big part of the activities is also about building bridges to connect responsible financial institutions and innovative financing mechanisms with smallholders and land users in forest landscapes. Read more about their research plans here.

Where are we going? 2017 brings reorientation in landscape research

The landscapes theme of FTA is plunging right into the new phase with an event to rethink the connection between trees, water and climate. Read here how the scientists are reorienting some of their research and what else they have planned for this year.

Tree seed selection, genome sequencing and much more

Among the major outputs of Flagship 1 research this year will be a contribution to an assessment of the global status of biodiversity and a global survey of tree seed selection with regards to landscape restoration. Also researchers look forward to the first results of genome sequencing of both crop and tree species under the African Orphan Crops Consortium. Read here what else is coming up under this theme. 

CGIAR and CBD reinforce support for biodiversity and Aichi Targets

The CGIAR and its research programs, including FTA, will put more emphasis on research that is relevant for the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) and the Aichi Targets. At the recent CBD COP13, both sides extended the existing agreement to support the Strategic Plan for Biodiversity. Read more here.

First conference of African Ecosystem Partnership in Nairobi

For the first time, researchers of the African Ecosystem Services Partnership (ESP) came together for a conference and emphasized the need to account for natural capital. One example given was Kenya’s first biodiversity atlas of the country’s natural capital. Read more about the conference here.

Global Landscapes Forum 2016 outcome statement is out

Are you curious what came out of last year’s Global Landscapes Forum, the biggest annual FTA event? Read the outcome statement here.


FTA events recap from CBD COP13

Two forest landscape rehabilitation initiatives in Ethiopia

Legalizing Cameroon’s timber production chain

A role for gender in sustaining biodiversity





Valuing the Cameroonian Forest: Special Issue

Addressing Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation Together: A Global Assessment of Agriculture and Forestry Projects

Certify and shift blame, or resolve issues? Environmentally and socially responsible global trade and production of timber and tree crops

Forest use in Nicaragua: Results of a survey on gendered forest use, benefits and participation

Can conservation funding be left to carbon finance? Evidence from participatory future land use scenarios in Peru, Indonesia, Tanzania, and Mexico

Success from the ground up: Participatory monitoring and forest restoration

Host country governance and the African land rush: 7 reasons why large-scale farmland investments fail to contribute to sustainable development

Guinea pig or pioneer: Translating global environmental objectives through to local actions in Central Kalimantan, Indonesia’s REDD+ pilot province

Measuring the effectiveness of landscape approaches to conservation and development



Success from the Ground Up? Participatory Monitoring in Forest Restoration

FTA and the Convention on Biological Diversity

‘Integrated Landscape Approaches’: A systematic map

Peatland restoration: the role of agroforestry

Forestry and landscapes: Solutions for sustainable development

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