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This study consists of village level baseline data and other related materials generated as part of the “Sentinel Landscapes” initiative. The village level baseline data was collected using four survey protocols designed by the International Forest Resources and Institutions (IFRI).

The data collected is used to understand the relationship between communities, local governance and forests. Four IFRI protocols were used for this purpose:
(i) Forest Form
(ii) Settlement Form
(iii) Association Form and
(iv) Product Form.

The instruments facilitate the collection of political and institutional data at communal level for those communities that use those forests.

A total of 36 villages were surveyed in May, August and December, 2014; November and December, 2015; and January, 2016 from, namely: Mbang 2, Nkolmveng, Ndelle, Yebe, Mekouma, Ngoumesseng, Nsan Ii, Bifos, Niamvoudou, Abeng Nnam, Ngola Baka, Kongo, Ngola Nzime, Achip 2, Eschiambor, Moanguele Bosquet, Nemeyong Iii, Mayang, Assok, Akom, Ekombitie, Nkolkoumou, Bite, Mboutoukong, Nkolfong, Lele, Tobagne, Yorro, Kedia, Bongando, Yangben, Batanga, Bakoa, Bougnougoulouck, Tchekos and Ossimb 1.

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