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Terms of use

This dataset applies the Community Norms of Dataverse, where this dataset is originally deposited. These Community Norms, as well as good scientific practices, expect that proper credit is given via citation.


CC0 – “Public Domain Dedication”

There are 10 restricted files in this dataset. This is an ongoing project. Access to data is currently restricted to the data authors. Users may request access to files.


Levang, Patrice; Noumbissi, Duplex; Essouma, François Manga; Ngono, Françoise; Tagne, Claude Tatuebu; Baraka, Paul; Sonwa, Denis; Nkeumoe, Fredrick; Gassner, Anja; Makui, Parmutia; Chiputwa, Brian, 2016, “CAFHUT Village Baseline”,, Harvard Dataverse, V5, UNF:6:9UoBNiKDBuNOYDGbYLYOjw== [fileUNF].

Please see the individual data files for file-specific citations.

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