Soil pH 2012 - Mekong

Description : Type: Raster Data. Spatial Representation Type: grid data is used to represent geographic data. Map of soil pH for 2012. Value displayed when clicking on the map using the "Identify" button is pH*100. For a detailed description of the methods used to generate this map see: Vågen, T.-G., Winowiecki, L.A., Tondoh, J.E., Desta, L.T., Gumbricht, T., 2016. Mapping of soil properties and land degradation risk in Africa using MODIS reflectance. Geoderma 263, 216–225. doi:10.1016/j.geoderma.2015.06.023.
Subject : soil zone, land use
Authors : Vågen, T-G.
Download data
Data can be downloaded from the Dataverse repository.

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