Land cover map 2017 of Dompas village, Riau Province, Indonesia.

Description : The map contain 13 land cover classes interpreted in October 2017 using object-oriented classification method based on Sentinel-2 satellite imagery, sensor acquisition day 30 June 2017, band composite 11-8-2. Spatial resolution of the map 20 m. Datum of map WGS 1984, Projection System UTM 47N. Land cover data was developed to support DFID KNOWFOR project within Dompas village, Bengkalis District, Riau Province.
Subject : image analysis, landcover, cartography
Authors : Suryadi, I.; Prasetyo, P.
DOI : doi:10.17528/CIFOR/DATA.00064
Download data
Data can be downloaded from the Dataverse repository.

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