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The Women’s dataset corresponds to the Women’s Questionnaire, which has three main goals. First, it is an instrument that enables women to have a voice as respondents in GCS REDD+. Second, it is a way to obtain data that are specific to the experience and knowledge of women in the study villages. Third, it supplies information that compares the livelihood activities and outlooks of women and men in the study villages. The Women’s Questionnaire is composed of four main sections: 1. Women’s livelihoods in the village and change over time; and tenure; 2. women’s participation in village and household decisions; 3. perception of changes in women’s well-being; 4. women’s involvement in and assessment of forest interventions.

The Women’s Questionnaire was applied through focus group interviews with around 10 women, aged 16 and older, who represent all (or the vast majority) of the different types of women’s livelihoods in the village. The women dataset includes 190 villages in Phase 1 (121 intervention and 69 control villages) and 149 in Phase 2 (87 intervention and 62 control villages). Variables from Phase 1 start with P1W_section&question number, and variables from Phase 2 start with P2W_section&question number.

The research design and methods are further described in Sunderlin et al. (2016) as well as in several GCS REDD+ publications and related material (See GCS-REDD sub national initatives website).

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