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The FTA data portal provides access to a wealth of datasets and maps generated through FTA research. Its part of our commitment to advancing knowledge on, and decision-making for, forest, trees, and agroforestry.

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Flagship 1: Tree genetic resources to bridge production gaps and promote resilience
Flagship 2: Enhancing how trees and forests contribute to smallholder livelihoods
Flagship 3: Sustainable value chains and investments to support forest conservation and equitable development
Flagship 4: Landscape dynamics, productivity and resilience
Flagship 5: Forests, trees and agroforestry for climate change adaptation and mitigation
Monitoring, evaluation, learning and impact assessment (MELIA)
Capacity development
Plantations and tree crop commodities
Enhanced nutrition and food security
Biodiversity, safeguarding and conservation
Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs)
Blue carbon and peatlands
Climate change adaptation
Landscape governance
Silvopastoral systems
Market-based agroforestry-forestry
Farm-forest policy interface
Livelihood trajectory modelling and assessment
Inclusive finance and business models
Innovating finance for sustainable landscapes
Public and private commitments to zero deforestation
Orphan tree crops
Effectiveness of approaches to sustainable supply
Quality of FTA research for development
Sentinel landscapes
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The Sikasso-Bobo Dioulasso-Tamale transect is entirely found within the Soudano-Guinean ecological zone spanning South East Mali, South West Burkina Faso and Northern Ghana. Within Mali, this landscape includes Segou...
This data outlines the sentinel landscape boundary
map showing oil palm landscape boundary for Peru
This shapefile data is administrative boundary of Mekong Sentinel landscape focal areas
Sentinel landscape boundary for oil palm
West African Sentinel Landscape Selected survey points.
This shapefile data is administrative boundary of Mekong Sentinel landscape focal areas in China
Municipal boundary in Amazonia Legal, Brazil
sentinel landscape boundary for Afromonte
Vegetation type in Amazonia Legal, Brazil.
sentinel landscape boundary for Afromonte
Vegetation type in Amazonia Legal, Brazil.

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