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For FTA’s impact pathways, capacity development acts as an enabler at each stage of research toward the achievement of outcomes. At the discovery stage, the capacity to frame the right research questions, choose appropriate methodologies, and collect and analyze data is required. This can be achieved through developing individual capacities in partner research organizations, by developing future research leaders.

At the same time, FTA’s research in development and colearning with development partner paradigms require capacity to frame credible and relevant science, from which development partners’ knowledge needs are met. This is achieved through engaging development partners at global, national and subnational scales from the start of the research cycle, in an action research mode. For the proof of concept stage, FTA produces innovative learning materials and delivery approaches. For scaling up and out, FTA develops the capacity to innovate, strengthening relevant innovation/multistakeholder platforms and communities of practice.

Three main targets for FTA’s capacity development activities can be identified:
Global and regional multistakeholder innovation platforms and business forums (including private-sector led) through knowledge provision
National and subnational governments, and international non-governmental organizations, to collaborate in the generation and use of research results and piloting of solutions, as well as codeveloping tools and materials for outscaling
Local-level non-governmental organizations, community-based organizations and communities of practice to experiment and roll out evidence-based solutions, learn from experiences and refine approaches for testing at larger scales

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