The context of REDD+ in Vietnam: Drivers, agents and institutions [2nd edition]

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Vietnam is acknowledged to be REDD+ pioneer country, having adopted REDD+ in 2009. This paper is an updated version of Vietnam’s REDD+ Country Profile which was first published by CIFOR in 2012. Our findings show that forest cover has increased since 2012, but enhancing, or even maintaining, forest quality remains a challenge. Drivers of deforestation and degradation in Vietnam, including legal and illegal logging, conversion of forest for national development goals and commercial agriculture, weak law enforcement and weak governance, have persisted since 2012 up to 2017. However, with strong political commitment, the government has made significant progress in addressing major drivers, such as the expansion of hydropower plants and rubber plantations.
Authors: Pham, T.T.; Hoang, T.L.; Nguyen, D.T.; Dao, T.L.C.; Ngo, H.C.; Pham, V.H.
Subjects: climate change
Publication type: Occasional Paper, Paper
Year: 2019

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