How does context affect the outcomes of multi-stakeholder forums on land use and/or land-use change?: A Realist Synthesis Review of the scholarly literature

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This protocol sets out the rationale and method for a Realist Synthesis Review (RSR) of the global scholarly literature on multi-stakeholder forums (MSFs) set up to address land use and land-use change at the subnational level. The review engages in the systematic and comparative analysis of how contexts affect the outcomes of MSFs. These forums are set up as purposely organized interactive processes that bring together a range of stakeholders to participate in dialogue, decision making and/or implementation regarding actions seeking to address a problem they hold in common or to achieve a goal for their common benefit.
Authors: Sarmiento Barletti, J.P.; Hewlett, C.; Larson, A.M.
Subjects: land use, land use change, governance, climate change
Publication type: Book
Year: 2019

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