Turning landscape approaches into action, GLF 2016 Marrakesh

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Center for International Forestry Research (CIFOR)

Watch this Discussion Forum from the 2016 Global Landscapes Forum: Climate Action for Sustainable Development in Marrakesh, Morocco, alongside UNFCCCC COP22. The session identifies the current impediments to implementing landscape approaches and begin to develop the solutions for overcoming these impediments. Panelists from a spectrum of backgrounds from research and policy are joined by those in attendance in attempting to move beyond normative suggestions of “we need to implement, we need more investment, we need to better integrate policy and practice†. Rather, we focus on how we can better align the theory of landscape approaches with the reality of applying the approach on the ground, i.e. using examples of integrated landscape approaches to discuss how we can implement, how we should monitor progress and how we can better incentivize the multiple sectors operating within rural landscapes to formulate more holistic solutions to sustainably managing land and achieving globally conceived commitments. Join the movement to reach 1 billion people: #ThinkLandscape

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