The FTA data portal provides access to a wealth of datasets and maps generated through FTA research. Its part of our commitment to advancing knowledge on, and decision-making for, forest, trees, and agroforestry.

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Flagship 1: Tree genetic resources to bridge production gaps and promote resilience
Flagship 2: Enhancing how trees and forests contribute to smallholder livelihoods
Flagship 3: Sustainable value chains and investments to support forest conservation and equitable development
Flagship 4: Landscape dynamics, productivity and resilience
Flagship 5: Forests, trees and agroforestry for climate change adaptation and mitigation
Monitoring, evaluation, learning and impact assessment (MELIA)
Capacity development
Plantations and tree crop commodities
Enhanced nutrition and food security
Biodiversity, safeguarding and conservation
Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs)
Blue carbon and peatlands
Climate change adaptation
Landscape governance
Silvopastoral systems
Market-based agroforestry-forestry
Farm-forest policy interface
Livelihood trajectory modelling and assessment
Inclusive finance and business models
Innovating finance for sustainable landscapes
Public and private commitments to zero deforestation
Orphan tree crops
Effectiveness of approaches to sustainable supply
Quality of FTA research for development
Sentinel landscapes
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This data outlines the boundary stretch
This data outlines the boundary stretch
This data outlines the boundary stretch
The dataset reveals forty-two years (1973-2015) of forest degradation by the logging industry, and conversion to industrial oil palm and pulpwood plantations in Borneo, shared by Indonesia, Malaysia, and...
Muestreo de la vegetación de dap>10 cm, posición e identificación taxonómica de árboles y palmas, datos de las variables de suelo en 12 parcelas permanentes de muestreo de 0.25...
In 1983 The Lake Basin Development Authority (LBDA) commissioned an Integrated Land Use Survey (ILUS) of the ≈38,000 km2 LBDA Region defined by that part of the Lake Victoria...
Students from URACCAN and Bicu-Cium University carried out an evaluation of forest status and impacts of logging in two sites. For both sites various indicators for stand composition and...
Major ecosystems in the Nicaragua/Honduras FTA Sentinel Landscape. This data set was provided by the SL team in Nicaragua.
This study compared bat communities that disperse tree seeds in deciduous forests with different disturbance degree caused by hurricane Felix. Also the relationship between bat communities and the types...
The purpose of this survey was to characterize family farming systems in the Nicaragua north central region. Household survey was carried on in 90 farms from El-Tuma La Dalia...
The database contains historical information on the extent of forestland converted into estate crop plantations, mainly oil palm plantations. The database is organized by district and province where converted...
The forest cover map provided to support the participatory mapping project which lead by Amy Duchelle, under GCS-REDD component 2, in Banjararun Village, Yogyakarta.
Forest reserve map in Colombia
This dataset contains the geographical coordinates of multiple-use tree species ('spp_lat' and 'spp_long'), which are used by local populations for the collection of food resources, while also commercially felled...
Geographic Coordinates of ASB sites for the purpose of display only in the CRP-6 Sentinel Landscapes Workshop
To provide highly resolved subnational estimates of poverty and inequality for use by a wide user community for interdisciplinary studies of poverty, inequality and the environmen
This dataset contains individuals of Baillonella toxisperma, Entandrophragma cylindricum, Erythrophleum suaveolens, Dacryodes Buettnerii and Gambeya spp('spp'), around 10 villages ('vil'), and within five logging concessions ('conc') in Cameroon, Gabon...
The database contains information by province and district and by type of producers on the area, production, productivity of oil palm plantation and number of labor working in the...

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