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9 Dec 2021 | 13:50 - 14:30 |

Trees, Agroforestry, Forests for Livelihoods

Chair: Rene Boot, Tropenbos and ISC member

13:50  Highlight #7 Trees on Farms to improve livelihoods and the environment, Eduardo Somarriba
13:55  Highlight #8 Biomass, Bioenergy and Biomaterials, Li Xanxia
14:00 Highlight #9 Improving Rural Livelihoods through Supporting Local Innovation at Scale, Fergus Sinclair (TBD)
14:05  Highlight #10 Sustainable Value Chains, Finance and Investment in Forestry and Tree Commodities, Michael Brady
14:10  Highlight #15 Advancing Gender Equality and Social Inclusion, Marlène Elias
Chair: Rene Boot
Eduardo Somarriba
Li Xanxia
Senior Officer of Global Programme
Fergus Sinclair
Chief Scientist, Leader, Resilient Livelihood Systems
Michael Brady
Team Leader, Value Chains, Finance, & Investments & Leader, Sustainable value chains and investments
Marlène Elias
Senior Scientist, Gender Research and Integration Leader & Coordinator, Gender Equality and Social Inclusion

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