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1 Oct 2019 | 08:30 - 10:30 | R17 - PG

Improving forest management certification: integrating ecosystem services with forest assessments

Third-party forest management (FM) certification emerged as a tool for assessing and communicating the environmental and social performance of forest operations. 25 years later FM certification is mainstream, supported worldwide by major producers and buyers. Among driving forces for certification are corporate purchasing, green building schemes and “green consumer” demand, backed by social and environmental NGOs. On the one hand evidence for impacts of FM certification is increasingly needed given the growing demand for labelled products. Researchers from various disciplines look into the different aspects of certification, such as impacts on FM and timber markets; effects for forest workers and communities; quality of certification audits; governance and authority of certification schemes; and estimation of consumers’ willingness-to-pay price premiums for certified products. On the other hand, emerging markets for ecosystem services (ES) (carbon credits, water quality and quantity, wetland mitigation, species conservation etc.) presents new opportunities for forest landowners and managers, with increasing recognition of the importance of ES markets and their values. This session will discuss the impacts of sustainable FM, forest products and services through economic, environmental and social perspectives and will also consider challenges, needs and gaps analysis with regards to impact assessments and certification in general. The session will then assess some of these emerging ES markets including processes to increase forestland value.

Chair: ChairDr Robert Deal
Alex Pra
ETIFOR, Padova, Italy
Certifying forest-based ecosystem services: results from the world-first application of the FSC ecosystem service procedure in Italy
Chadwick D. Oliver
Yale University, New Haven, USA
Open Access/Source, Calibratable Tool for Planning and Assessments Makes Sustainable Forestry More Assured and Valuable for Commodity and Non-Commodity Values
Mônica de Souza Barbosa
UFAM, Manaus, Brazil
Water conservation of the rivers of the Amazon forest fragment based on economic valuation mechanisms
Gillian Petrokofsky
University of Oxford, United Kingdom
The effectiveness of standards in driving adoption of sustainability practices: a State of Knowledge evidence review
Richard Yao
Scion (New Zealand Forest Research Institute)
Using the ecosystem services approach to inform sustainable forest management and forest certification in New Zealand
Robert Deal
USDA Forest Service, PNW Research Station, Portland, USA
Bundling ecosystem services to increase forestland value and enhance sustainable forest management in the USA
Lu Wenming
Chinese Academy of Forestry, Beijing, China
Ecosystem services certification in China
Andrey Ptichnikov
Institute of Geography Russian academy of sciences, Moscow, Russian Federation
Development of voluntary forest certification schemes in Russia and their impact on forest management.
Claudio Cesar de Almeida Buschinelli
Embrapa Meio Ambiente, Jaguariúna/SP, Brazil
Marcelo Langer
UFPR, Curitiba, Brazil
Saúde e Segurança do Trabalho, uma abordagem segundo a Avaliação Social do Ciclo de Vida (ACV-S)

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