22 Jun 2021 | 16:00 - 17:30 |


Theme 1: Trees for agroecology and circular agriculture
(Fergus Sinclair + Eduardo Somarriba + Dossa Gbadamassi)

  1. Conducive policy and regulatory regimes are key to the success of agroforestry in India
    A.K. Srivastava
    – Network for Certification and Conservation of Forests, Noida, India
  2. Modelling Moringa oleifera distribution in support of agroforestry applications
    Sailesh Ranjitkar – Faculty of Agroforestry, Lumbini Buddhist University, Lumbini, Nepal
  3. Harnessing sericulture in agroforestry systems
    Phoebe Kirigo Mwaniki  – World Agroforestry
  4. Can rubber agroforestry improve nutrients cycling?
    Dossa Gbadamassi – CAS
  5. Amla (Phyllanthus emblica) fresh tree fruit as new feed source for sustainable dairy Production: Effect on milk production, and fatty acid profiles in lactating dairy cows
    Mekonnen Tilahun – Institute of Animal Science, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Science

Theme 2: Tree diversity: realizing economic and ecological value from tree genetic resources to bridge production gaps and promoter resilience
(Ramni Jamnadass + Chris Kettle + Bu Dengpan)

  1. Are seed supply systems for forest landscape restoration fit for purpose? An analysis of four Asian countries
    Ennia Bosshard – ETH Zürich
  2. Certification of Nurseries and Quality Planting Material to Accelerate Agroforestry in India
    Abhijit Ghose – Network for Certification and Conservation of Forests
  3. The Measuring of Carbon Density, Distributing and Storage of Chinese Bamboo Forest
    HU Yaping – Co-Innovation Center for Sustainable Forestry in Southern China, Nanjing Forestry University, China
  4. Development of a highly efficient callus induction and plant regeneration system for Dendrocalamus sinicus using hypocotyls as explants
    CUI Kai – Research Institute of Resources Insects, CAF
  5. Genetic diversity and patterns of variation of threatened Dalbergia cultrata in China revealed by SSR markers and a strategy for restoration and conservation
    ZHENG Yongqi – Research Institute of Forestry, CAF
  6. Setting site-specific conservation and restoration priorities for valued tree species across South and Southeast Asia
    Hannes Gaisberger – The Alliance of Bioversity International and CIAT

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