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CGIAR and CRP-FTA context

In its Strategy and Results Framework (SRF), the new CGIAR Consortium has defined four system level outcomes which shape the direction of the research it conducts. These are:

  • Reducing rural poverty. Agricultural growth through improved productivity, markets and 
incomes has shown to be a particularly effective contributor to reducing poverty especially in 
the initial stages of development;
  • Improving food security. Access to affordable food is a problem for millions of poor people in 
urban and rural communities and it requires increasing global and regional supply of key staples 
and containing potential price increases and price volatility;
  • Improving nutrition and health. Poor populations suffer particularly from diets which are 
insufficient in micronutrients affecting health and development, particularly in women 
and children;
  • Sustainable management of natural resources. Agriculture demands better management of 
natural resources to ensure both sustainable food production and provision of ecosystem services to the poor, particularly in light of climate change.

CRP-FTA will primarily contribute to reduce rural poverty (System Level Outcome 1), increase food security (SLO 2) and more sustainable management of natural resources (SLO 4), but research will also contribute, to a lesser extent, to improve nutrition and health (SLO 3). Finally, CRP-FTA will contribute to meeting explicit gender and capacity building related goals of the Consortium.

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