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Through this theme, FTA aims to enable an understanding of how multiple (and sometimes conflicting) sustainable development objectives can be optimally combined at landscape level, given the priorities of stakeholders. This is based, first, on an analysis of how ecosystem services underpin the ways that forests, trees and agroforestry can contribute to multiple Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Second, it aims to provide concepts and tools for stakeholders to identify, understand and address the complex set of interlinked environmental, social and economic challenges related to how natural ecosystems, agriculture, forestry, energy, water, other land uses and infrastructure can be combined to enhance overall productivity and resilience in landscapes. Third, it aims to provide institutional solutions and inclusive, learning-oriented and participatory decision-making processes to bring stakeholders together to transcend, within a landscape and across scales, traditional management, policy and governance boundaries.

Key research questions are:
What are the current patterns and intensities of change in tree cover and ecosystem services?
What are the consequences of such changes for ecosystem functions, services and sustainable development?
How does landscape diversity contribute to human wellbeing and healthy diets?
How can efficient and fair landscape governance that influences generic drivers and/or community and household-level incentives for increased multifunctionality emerge?

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