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Ramni Jamnadass

FTA Management Team Member, Flagship 1 Leader, ICRAF

Ramni H. Jamnadass is Principal Scientist and a leader for Tree Genetic Resources program at World Agroforestry and leader of Flagship 1 in the CGIAR Research Program (CRP) Forests Trees and Agroforestry focussing on:

1. Safeguarding diversity in-situ, ex-situ and circa-situ
2. Domestication and Use
3. Seed seedling Delivery systems including Nurseries
4. Economic and Environment benefits of TGR with Institutional development.

She leads a team that delivers research for development products and decision support tools to support conservation and use of the right trees for the right place and purpose (functional uses for e.g. food and nutrition, bioenergy, income generation, ecosystem services, etc.) to realize livelihood and environmental impacts. While also leading ICRAF Genebank, Ramni has strong engagement with the private sector e.g. the African Orphan Crops Consortium, supported by Mars, Inc., Illumina, Inc., and partners in a public-private partnership with a mission to develop and promote use of nutritious tree-foods and annual crops using genomics, with AAK and partners to develop sustainable value chains of Shea in Africa, etc. She holds a PhD in Biochemistry from the Brunel University London and spent many years teaching at the University of Nairobi and Kenyatta University before joining the CGIAR.

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