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Fergus Sinclair

FTA Management Team Member, Flagship 2 Leader, ICRAF

Fergus Sinclair leads ICRAF’s research into the contribution that trees can make to the productivity of farming systems. Fergus is well known for pioneering the development of knowledge-based system methods for acquisition and use of local agro-ecological knowledge; for using participatory modelling to better harness natural resources at the community level; and for exploring tradeoffs between the impact of farm trees on productivity and biodiversity. He has also combined these interests by contributing to the development of interdisciplinary GIS tools for spatially explicit evaluation of ecosystem service synergies and tradeoffs at landscape scales (Polyscape). He is seconded to ICRAF for 50 percent of his time from Bangor University, Wales, the UK, where he serves as director of the Centre for Advanced Research in International Agricultural Development (CARIAD). He is also a visiting professor at CATIE.

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