The Role of Multi-Stakeholder Platforms for Creating an Enabling Climate Change Policy Environment in East Africa

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Research-based evidence on the adoption of climate-smart agricultural practices is vital to their effective uptake, continued use and wider diffusion. In addition, an enabling policy environment at the national and regional levels is necessary for this evidence to be used effectively. This chapter analyzes a 4-year period of continuous policy engagement in East Africa in an attempt to understand the role of multi-stakeholder platforms (MSPs) in facilitating an enabling policy environment for climate change adaptation and mitigation. The study shows how MSPs enhanced a sense of ownership, developed knowledge, created linkages between different governance levels and a wide variety of actors (including policymakers and scientists), and, most significantly, improved policy formulation.
Authors: Acosta, M.; Ampaire, E.L.; Muchunguzi, P.; Okiror, J.F.; Rutting, L.; Mwongera, C.; Twyman, J.; Shikuku, K.M.; Winowiecki, L.A.; Läderach, P.; Mwungu, C.M.; Jassogne, L.
Subjects: climate change, policy
Publication type: Chapter
Source: Rosenstock, T.S., Nowak, A. and Girvetz, E. (eds.). The Climate-Smart Agriculture Papers: 267-276)
Year: 20192019

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