Guidelines on Sustainable Bamboo Energy Production and Investment

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Bamboo compared to other plants has many advantages such as fast growth, high yield, annual harvesting, adaptation to various soil types, high carbon sequestration potential, in addition to its use in huge number of applications. Besides all of these advantages, from an energy perspective, bamboo has a relatively high calorific value. Hence, it can be utilised to generate heat and electricity. The charcoal generated from bamboo has a high calorific value. From the environmental perspective, it has lower smoke emissions (because of its low ash and alkali content) compared to charcoal produced from trees (e.g. Acacia).
Authors: Wafiq, A.; Hamed, A.; Elmaddah, E.; El-Sady, D.; Elawwad, A.; Abuelazayem, S.
Subjects: bamboo plants, guidelines, energy production, investment
Publication type: Paper, Publication
Year: 2022

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