Growing Tamarind Trees: A handbook for the Sahelian Horticulturist

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This document deals mainly with tamarind growing techniques and more particularly with grafting techniques. While seed propagation allows for genetic diversity, cuttings and grafting can reproduce individuals with identical traits. These techniques make it possible to increase tamarind yields using more productive plant material and good management of the tree. As a result, nutritional quality is improved and will thus help reduce poverty in rural communities.
Authors: Samaké, O.; Kalinganire, A.; Koné, B.; Doumbia, M.; Dakouo, J.M.; Mounkoro, B.; Weber, J.C.; Ky-Dembele, C.; Uwamariya, A.
Subjects: wild fruit, agroforestry
Publication type: Book-UR, Publication
Year: 2019

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