Globalization and Employment in Forests and Tree Product Value Chains: Are Women Losing Out?

Globalization is transforming employment in forestry and tree product value chains, including related services, in ways that are bringing substantial benefits for some people but losses for others. Some of the most striking employment impacts of globalization are visible in the more rapidly globalizing value chains of exotic or early season foods and tree products for the food industry or nonfood industrial use. The forestry and agroforestry sector is grappling with broader concerns that transcend its long-standing focus on environmental issues. These include global concerns about the people who inhabit and manage forests and agroforests. Global employment trends in forestry and logging decreased slightly over the period 2000—2010, for reasons that varied by region. The decline in Europe and North America was triggered, at least in part, by the global economic downturn in 2008–2009 when the construction industry entered into a period of deep recession.
Authors: Dey de Pryck, J.; Elias, M.; Sijapati Basnett, S.
Subjects: forestry, agroforestry, supply chain
Publication type: Chapter-R, Publication
Year: 2018

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