Session 2.1 How can rubber systems contribute to climate change mitigation?

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Center for International Forestry Research (CIFOR)

Session 2.1 How can rubber systems contribute to climate change mitigation? Effects of large scale tree plantations on local climate. What potential for rubber tree plantations? Y. Nouvellon ( P. Thaler, F. Gay, P. Kasemsap, C. Chayawat, D. Satakhun, J. Sathornkich, E. Gohet, R. Lacote, P. Chantuma, J. Guillemot, G. le Maire, J.L. Stape, O. Campoe, and J-P. Laclau), CIRAD Improving biodiversity in rubber plantations: a low input strategy to mitigate drought and sustain soil health Dr Jessy, M.D., Rubber Research Institute of India Product from Specialty Natural Rubber as an Alternative Material to Synthetic Rubber towards application of Naturally Sustainable Resources Dr Fatima Rubaizah (Zameri, Siti Salina, Nik Intan, Nurul Hayati, Roslim, Rohani A.B., Dayzal D., Manroshan S, Mohamad Asri, Amir Hashim), Malaysian Rubber Board, Malaysia Modelling the impact of rubber expansion on carbon stocks in the mountaineous of South-West China Prof Sergey Blagodatskiy (M. Laub, X. Yang, R.Lang, C.Marohn, H.Liu, J. Xu, G. Candish), Institute of Agricultural Sciences in the Tropics (Hans-Ruthenberg-Institute), University of Hohenheim, Germany Transcriptional regulation on rubber biosynthesis and comparative analysis between Hevea Brasiliensis and Hevea Species Prof. Minami Matsui (Dr Yuko Makita) CATAS, RIKEN Center for Sustainable Resource Science Tsurumiku, Yokohama, Japan

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