Trees and wildfire worries

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Controlled burning, whereby fire is used in certain seasons and conditions to regenerate land for hunting and clearing purposes, has long been a part of the agroforestry parklands system in northern Ghana. This method ensures the protection of valuable trees that are in or surround the cropping fields.

Wildfires set today however, are often not ignited using a controlled approach. A fire in the dry season can rapidly spread, destroying fruit trees and crops on which livelihoods depend, in their path. Uncontrolled fire can lead to devastating consequences,.

In this video, Judith Afagachie shares her worries about wildfire. Even if her community of Nakong in Ghana’s Upper East Region stops using fire, their trees are not protected from the blaze originating in other communities. Judith has particular worries about her lucrative shea trees that the West Africa Forest-Farm Interface (WAFFI) project has inspired her to capitalize on. Used extensively in the global beauty industry, Judith’s shea trees are a precious source of income, that she simply cannot afford to lose.

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