The Global Landscapes Forum is ‘a movement worth building’

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Bioversity International participated in several activities during the Global Landscapes Forum held in Bonn on 19-20 December, 2017, where the President of Mauritius emphasized the need for an Agrobiodiversity Index. 
To discuss landscapes from the Andean mountains to the peatlands of Indonesia – addressing the themes of restoration, financing sustainable landscapes, rights and equitable development, food and livelihoods, and measuring progress toward climate change and development goals – is to cover much ground. 
A great platform for sharing, learning and planning, the forum offered a variety of formats in which scientists, activists and leaders of organizations shared ideas, presented case studies and called to action. The GLF is the world’s largest science-led platform on sustainable land use. And now, in its seventh edition, the outreach was massive. Around one thousand attended the event in person and thanks to the livestreams online, the total audience reached is estimated at 21 million people.

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