Kapuas Hulu diary: Resolving land-use conflicts for better land-use outcomes

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In the biodiversity-rich Kapuas Hulu district of Indonesia’s West Kalimantan region, three Indigenous communities whose livelihoods are based on fishing, farming, and non-timber forest products have been trying for years to resolve land-use conflicts worsened by climate change. From traditional indigenous and community fora, to inputs from non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and governments, various attempts have been made over a dozen years or so to help the Embaloh, Iban and Malay people resolve differences so they can better cope with significant and growing problems. Those include declining water quality, falling fish stocks, increasing pressure from the climate crisis, along with rising demand for oil palm and the resources that their plantations demand. Kapuas Hulu is one of the poorest districts in West Kalimantan, which adds to the pressure on the land.

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