Informal, traditional and semiformal property rights should be fully acknowledged, panel agrees

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Thinking beyond formal land regularization to provide enabling conditions for smallholders to secure property rights and incentives for investment was a clear message that emanated from a panel session on ‘Good Enough Tenure’ that took place in June at the 2018 LANDAC Conference in Utrecht, the Netherlands.
The lack of formally recognized land and resource property has always been a constraint for small-scale farmers and forest communities. Mainstream land governance focusses largely on tenure regularization as a means to provide security. Smallholders without such formal tenure tend to be excluded from external funding streams, because banks, other private investors, governmental agencies and even some donors often require land titles as collateral to mitigate the risk of default from failed investment.
As a result, these actors have not been able to deal effectively with the mobility and the complex local reality, including the local needs and opportunities that exist in rural and forest areas in tropical countries.

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